Providing hope for those who need it most

Give Back, Give Hope 2023

Hope. It’s a word that carries immense power, capable of kindling joy even in the darkest of times. At Accessia Health, our mission is to infuse hope into the lives of those in dire need of critical support.

Imagine being faced with the agonizing choice between paying rent or securing life saving medication. Living with a rare or chronic health condition can lead to a level of financial stress that no one should bear. This is where your support becomes paramount.

Your generous gift to Accessia Health today might just help save the life of someone you know – your neighbor, closest friend, or even a colleague.

Your donation has the potential to change lives, making a profound impact on our community.

Donations from the 2023 Give Back, Give Hope campaign will allow us to provide financial assistance for:

  • Medication copays
  • Insurance premiums
  • Travel expenses related to receiving medical care
  • Case management
  • Other medical expenses


To learn more about how we help our patients, read our most recent impact report.


Donations in Action

“Without their help, we would not have been able to have the medication needed to keep my husband here with me and our family for another two years after his diagnosis of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. We are very grateful for all the help we had and the many questions that they answered for us. Thank you.” – Karen M


“Accessia Health has helped tremendously to make my son’s health insurance affordable and ensure that he receives the life-saving medication he needs. Our family is very grateful to Accessia Health for their help!​” – Tami


“After being misdiagnosed for so many years. It was a relief to discover my disease. It was also frightening as to how I would be able to afford the medicines, doctors, travel to specialists and insurance premiums. Accessia has helped me with part of the financial stress. Knowing the assistance is available has made it easier to cope with my disease. Thank you, Accessia!” – Patient Served