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We understand the difficulties patients face with affording healthcare costs. Accessia Health is here to help. In just a few easy steps, you can submit an application for your patient today or click here to walk them through our prescreening tool to see if they qualify for assistance.

Patient Assistance

We’re here to change lives.

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    Health Insurance Premiums

    We assist with the cost of a patient’s health insurance policy.

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    Medical Expenses

    Medical expenses include a wide range of healthcare services to support treatment for the program diagnosis. This may include out-of-pockets costs for medical visits, hospitalizations, laboratory testing, durable medical equipment, etc.

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    Copay Assistance

    Copay assistance is provided for FDA approved and indicated treatment for the program diagnosis. Patients must have health insurance and Accessia Health will assist with the patient’s copay or coinsurance.

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    Travel Assistance

    We provide assistance for patient travel expenses related to receiving medical care for the program diagnosis. This may include fuel, ambulance services, lodging, and public transportation.

Help your patient apply.

We offer financial support for a variety of chronic medical conditions.

To apply, you will need:

  • Patient Demographic Information (address, date of birth, phone number, etc.)
  • Health Insurance Details
  • Estimated Household Income and Dependents

Once we receive an application, we may need:

  • Supporting Income Documentation
  • Medical Statement to Confirm Diagnosis
  • Health Insurance Cards

Is your patient eligible?

Check to see. We have over 80 programs covering rare and chronic disease conditions and help pay for healthcare related expenses for eligible individuals.

View our available disease programs or check to see if your patient is eligible.

Upload Documents

Easily upload documents for your patients by using our upload tool here.

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Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page for answers or use the contact link to reach out directly. You can also use the chat feature by clicking the question icon at the bottom of the screen.