Your Assistance. Your Choice.

We are committed to enhancing the flexibility and effectiveness of our patient assistance programs. Introducing our innovative, holistic approach, Your Assistance. Your Choice., which allows patients greater flexibility with their financial assistance.

With Your Assistance. Your Choice., Accessia Health offers comprehensive financial assistance across four categories: travel, medical expenses, insurance premiums, and medication copays. Previously, our patients had been provided separate, defined dollar amounts within each of those assistance categories.

Under this new model, patients now receive one total amount of assistance*, providing flexibility to allocate funds based on their individual needs. This new approach ensures our patients receive tailored support where it matters most. *travel expense is limited to $500


  • Travel assistance still has a restricted assistance amount. You may only use up to $500 of available funding towards travel.

    If you do not need travel assistance, you may use the available amount for other eligible services.

  • Accessia Health has a 4-month timely filing policy where all eligible claims need to be submitted within 4 months of the date of service or the date the insurance paid to be eligible for review.

    If you have any claims you wish to submit where the date of service is after your begin date and within the last 4 months, you are welcome to submit them to us for review.

  • Yes! You can use the assistance to help pay for travel costs (up to $500), medical expenses such as doctor visits and other eligible expenses as well as health insurance premiums.

  • Coverage of items or services under Medical Expenses is determined at the sole discretion of Accessia Health; and is subject to change based on clinical correlation with covered diagnosis.

    Coverage of such items and services may not be appealed by any individual or company.

    Questions related to specific items covered under Medical Expenses require clinical review for compliance purposes, and responses will be provided within 3-5 business days. Inquiries about coverage of medical expenses should be directed to assistance@accessiahealth.org.